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01-21-2012, 09:22 AM
Voyager Car Rental,Bonaire…thinking of using them? DON’T!!
Wehad booked a car with them in Sept. 2011 for 3 weeks in January 2012. I haddone some checking on forums and they had mixed reviews but I was emailingmostly with Anya and I felt confident with her replies. They gave us a discountfor booking for 3 weeks so I booked with them. We were arriving at 5:30 AM onJan. 8th so the Monday before I emailed to confirm our reservationand heard back from John (the owner) that the reservation was good and thatsomeone would be there to meet us. We arrived Sat. morning after 24 hoursflight/airport time but no one was there. We waited, asked around and finallyconnected with the driver who usually does the Voyager pick-ups but we were noton his list for that morning. He finally got through to John and we were drivento our accommodations 2 hours after arriving. John arrived at 10 am as promisedto take us to the dealership to sign out the car. We had booked a MitsubishiLancer as we were not divers and did not need a truck. The Lancer was not backbut should be later that day. A pick-up truck was available till the car cameback in. We were pretty tired so we agreed. Then we were informed that thecompany was in the process of switching banks because of the high rate oncredit cards and we would have to pay the total rental of the vehicle in cash atthe beginning of the rental. Hummmm! We did not have that much cash on us soJohn said we could come back the next day with the cash and the car should bethere. Also, the cell phone that was part of the deal was not charged up so itwould be ready on Sunday also. After getting some sleep and thinking it over,we knew we could not pay cash for the vehicle as we were using our credit cardfor the insurance coverage and the cost of the vehicle would have to go on thecard or it would not be valid. And paying for the vehicle totally ahead of timedid not sit well either. Back we went to explain that on Sunday and we ended uppaying for one week in cash but getting a visa card imprint done with the dateto cover if there were any problems. The car was not back so we were stuck witha truck that had the clutch going, tough to start, no tailgate (which we didn’tneed, but…), driver’s side seat had a broken spring, rusting out, etc. It didhave a great air conditioner. We finally got the promised phone on Monday and anotherpromise from John he would be calling as soon as the car was in. We never heardfrom him all week. On Thurs. we phoned him and he said he didn’t know when thecar would be back at which time we questioned if the car even existed. Johnsaid he would see if he could locate us another car some place but that itwould be difficult this time of the year. We said no…we would do it ourselves.I emailed a couple of other car rental places and heard back very quickly fromAB car rental that they had a SUV available for a little bit more than what wewere getting a clunky truck from Voyager for. We booked it and picked it up onSat. We had received an email from John saying the truck HAD to be back by10:40 AM on Sat., then received another email from their office saying we couldkeep it till 14:00 even though there should be another day rental chargebecause we were not happy with the rental. When I replied we did not need ittill 14:00 there was a return email apologizing as the email was for someoneelse…who obviously was not happy either. We heard lots tale of woe from John asto why they were having issues in their office but it did not negate the poorservice we received from them. This was not a last minute booking that we werewilling to take whatever was available but made three months in advance. Iwould highly recommend staying away from this car rental office…it really put asour note on the beginning of our holidays….big stories and apologies do not takethe place of good service.

01-21-2012, 09:41 AM
Sorry you had such a bad experience... Now could you tell us something positive about your vacatiion please..

01-23-2012, 01:32 PM
Our accommodations (Bon Bida Apartments) are fantastic...not on the ocean but new with a pool and very well equiped. The snorkel trips to Klein Bonaire have been great...except for the jelly fish. We saw a large Manta Ray at Tori's Reef which was a definite highlight! Plus all the fish, turtles and coral that we can see from shore entries. The weather has been a bit rainy but the temperatures have been around + 28 to + 30 which are much more enjoyable than snow and -30 to -40! The people are friendly, the beer is cold and our outlook has improved greatly with the change of car rental.

01-23-2012, 10:06 PM
Seeing a Manta Ray sounds too cool. Tell it to stick around until we get there in a few months.

And be sure to save us some of them cold beers!

04-08-2012, 01:36 PM
VOYAGER CAR RENTAL IS WONDERFUL AND ACCOMMODATING.. We contacted three other car rental places on Bonaire (this being our third trip) and found that Voyager was $100 to $200 less than the other car rental places AND they included the CDW coverage. We reserved a pick up truck (we are snorkelers/not divers) and since we arrived late in the evening (and they offered to have the truck ready for us then), we chose to have Benny from Bonaire Townhomes pick us up at the airport. The next morning Benny took us to the car rental lot (Voyager offered to pick us up the next morning for the rental). John and Jennifer from Voyager have nothing but the customer in mind. They hold a deposit ticket for the rental (in case of accident), but you receive it back when you return the vehicle. They just changed banks and did ask that we bring cash down for them, and since they are charged an exhorbitant amount of interest when they run credit cards, we didn't think that was a problem. We also do that for our accommodations as well. What we forgot to ask for was a truck with a tail gate for when we take off our wetsuits from snorkeling. That being said, we talked with John who did not have another truck available for a couple of days. This was not a problem. They work by the pier for when the cruise ships come in several days a week, and allowed us to use their own vehicle until then. John and Jennifer were so gracious and conveyed that when they try to get their vehicles repaired on the island, it is NOT like the U.S. The service is slower and not done as well, and their hands are tied in most cases to get whatever service they can. In fact, most Dutch visitors get frustrated with island time and service compared to built up islands (i.e., St. Thomas, etc.). Folks, there isn't even a stop sign on this island -- it's great. Sure the roads can be a bit rough, but with the wonderful reefs they have and coral beaches, this is not the white sandy beach, busy nightlife places you may be used to. It is simple. It is rustic. It is beautiful. It is not built up.
John got our truck replacement to us as promised, kept in touch with us, and was thankful for our business. We find he was more personable, and conscientious than most car rental places in the U.S. Thanks Voyager for making our two weeks possible with your transportation!

06-26-2012, 12:24 AM
it is funny how much in common your experience with this rental company is with my experience! then John, the owner insinuated online that i was lying and that he gave us great customer service..

I would recommend this company and this guy to no one. After two visits and to Bonaire and a third one coming up, this was and is to date my only negative experience on island and with any company there!

He actually said if i wanted a better vehicle ( one that did not break down and then a run around for two weeks , one without flat tires, one with a clutch that worked..) i should pay more and rent elswhere! yah no problem...!
i have rented with AB car rental before and will again this time.. no issues like this.. none and the rate, cheaper!

06-28-2012, 09:26 AM
Stick to a brand name On Bonaire there are a few and also some who have been here for years. AB, total, etc. to name a few. Its all about service and reputation!

12-20-2012, 10:32 AM
We rented a truck from Voyager Events for two weeks last April-May. The driver's side seat belt didn't work and neither of us were comfortable driving without it. Jennifer and John couldn't have been more accomodating. They didn't have another truck at the time but delivered a car and took the truck to the shop and returned it to us the next day repaired. We are coming back for another two weeks in April for my sixth trip and plan on using them again as their rates are better than anyone's and as far as I'm concerned, so is their service.