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12-30-2011, 03:40 PM
We just back from the island. I have already written my trip report but I do want to say somthing here about our expierences with Insel.
Our flight down was delayed but Insel made sure that we would make it Bonaire that night. Coming back, our plane left out of Cur just a few minutes late. About 20 minutes in the flight we turned back to CUR. It turned out that a generator had fallen off as we took off. Insel gave all of us food vouchers in the airport and then told us when we would recieve more information. A couple hours later we were told that we would be leaving at 7:30 that evening on another plane. They then took us all out to a hotel on the island and gave us a meal. I wanted to see the island anyhow. We got back to the airport and was loaded on the new plane that just came in from MIA. We were also given a free flight voucher to be used at another time. Some of the people that was on the flight missed thier connection so Insel put them up in a room in CLT and helped them arrange thier new flights.
I think that Insel is trying to build thier reputation. I know that we will probably be using Insel again.

01-02-2012, 05:59 PM
We returned from Bonaire on Saturday. Our direct flight BON to MIA turned into a nightmare. We have flown Insel several times before without issue but Saturday was a day I could have done without.

Upon check-in at 9:30AM we were told the flight was going to CUR first. No real explanation – something about a large enough plane not being available. We were told we would be in Miami by 6PM. (Original flight was due in around 2PM) When we got to CUR, the monitor showed the MIA flight was delayed with a takeoff time of 9PM!!! The nightmare begins.

Insel did offer a bus trip to a hotel for lunch. We had already eaten so we did not go. Hours go by with no information - rumors running rampant that the 9PM flight won't happen - irate passengers getting more irrate. Our friends were able to get to MIA on the AA flight which Insel paid for. The AA flight left CUR about 4:30. Insel would not pay for us to go on AA. Question - Why pay for some and not others? AA did have seats available.

We found out about 8PM (from other passengers) that Insel announced on the bus that vouchers would be given to everyone for a BON-MIA trip for use at a later date. Nice - If you didn't take the bus trip you weren’t told about the vouchers. Had other passengers not told us, we would NOT have gotten our vouchers.

We did get to MIA at 11PM - after cheking in at 9:30AM - a 9 hour delay!!! Our original itinerary required us to overnight in MIA so we already had a hotel room reserved. I pity the other passengers that missed connections and had to find rooms at the last minute on New Year’s Eve.
We were not happy about the delayed flight but s**t happens. Insel may be trying to improve their reputation but they need to
1. Not lie to passengers
2. Keep passengers informed better when problems occur.

Will we fly Insel again? Most likely – we don’t have much choice since our trips are normally 10-11 days.
Gotta Fly

01-03-2012, 12:23 PM
Will we fly Insel again? Most likely – we don’t have much choice since our trips are normally 10-11 days.
Gotta Fly

It's your choice, of course, but since AA flies MIA-CUR two RTs a day, you can do that and pick your choice of small airline for the CUR-BON hop...

01-03-2012, 08:01 PM
To Skyqueen.
I was fasincated to see such a different expierence on a different day. I am a researcher and love thinking about variables. Was your flight to MIA full? Our flight to CLT was only half full. When we got to CLT I did notice a lot of the passengers went to the non resident lines at customs. I wonder if Insel air was catering more toward to the flyers more than to us who do not use them much more than a year.
Thank you for your post.

01-04-2012, 10:01 AM

There were a few empty seats on the plane but it was mostly full.


01-07-2012, 08:04 PM
We've already booked from CLT-CUR-BON for June. (Before reading this.) Now I'm worried that we should ship our dive gear ahead of time to the island if we want to dive on schedule. :hummm:

01-07-2012, 09:11 PM
On November 12 our Bon - Mia flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems. But do not fear they told us - we will fly you to Cur and get you to Mia from there. True to there word, they sent a small plane from Cur to Bon and picked us (about 30 of us) us up and flew us to Cur where we waited as the plane was being repaired. We were told it would be a few hours before the plane was ready to leave CUR so some passengers did take advantage of the wait to take a taxi ride around the town. My wife and I and a majority of the passengers just stayed in the terminal people watching - mostly Dutch and European passangers coming and going via KLM. There were no Insel reps that could give us any information, not one manager was there, or ever showed up to discuss the situation with us.

6-1/2 hours after arriving in Cur we were told by other passengers what gate we should go to. No announcement, they had heard it from someone who heard it from someone etc., etc. etc... who had heard what gate we were to be at. Still no direct communication from Insel at all. Had to go through all the security stuff again, and the serached everybody - no free passes in Cur.

Got to Mia at midnight and of course all cheap hotels were filled so we ended up staying at the Airport Hotel for big $$$$'s.

Of course everyone with a connecting flight in Mia had missed any chance of getting home on Saturday but Insel was nice enough to provide free one way vouchers from Bon to Mia to be used within the year. I cannot repeat what my wife said about flying with Insel ever again. This was our fifth trip to Bon and had always flown Continental before with never a hitch. Flew Insel because tickets were half off. By the time we paid for new Delta tickets (Insel would not help with $'s for new connecting flights) to get back to Michigan, the hotel, extra food and parking fees - the trip was actually a couple hundred dollars more than full price tickets on Continental. I think Continental has cleaner planes.

Would I fly Insel again? In a heartbeat if the price is right - but I would also plan on a Saturday night stay in Mia just to be safe. Would be alone though, as I said before, my wife is no longer a fan of Insel.