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12-26-2011, 12:31 PM
Rats I still cannot get pics to post~

I can work a golf ball around a tree either from right or left, below branches or above it, do complex cash flow programs.....but when it comes to electronics like a &@$# computer and trying to post some of our trip pictures I am worthless! Looked at Cheat Sheet data as it sounded simple but again I could not even get a photo to post showing what we look like on our profile!

OK--who has the patience to help me figure this out? I have next 4-days off to burn vacation days and we want to master this before I go in the garage and get a hammer out of my tool box to fix the computer!

Royce "Cornhusker" Balak! PS we took 5th trip back again for 2-weeks in February and have some great shots of wife and her 1st underwater experience, and then like nutty parents decided to bring our 4-adult aged kids back this summer for 10-year trip back to Bonaire and then we remember why we have not taken them with us for years......does hearding cats ring a bell to anyone here!

12-26-2011, 01:19 PM

save the photos on your computer where you know where to get them.. If you havn'et already find the photos that you want to post and resize them to around 100k or Web Large...name them so they are easy to find......I always put a BT before the name of the photo that way I know it is resized for posting...

when you get all that done.... open a reply to thread here in Testing...
look across the tool bar and you will see some icons.If you hold your cursor over them it will tell you what they are for.. go to the insert image icon a little square two to the right of the envelope icon..

click on this. it will ask you to find an image on your computer.. Browse and find and click probably twice on the image that you want and the address to your photo will come up in the browser/find image box. at the bottom you must UPLOAD photo.. do that

now it should upload into your post.. and you SHOULD see a thumbnail photo of it.. go to the bottom of that screen and hit preview.. you will diffently see a thumbnail now. click on the thumbnail and select what size you would like your photo to post as.. small medium. larg etc.. select one ...close that screen however???? {i am not on that screen so I don't know if you have to close it or not.... then hit post and see if your photo comes out...... If I see that it didn't I will sign out and then sign in as a regular user and give you a hand..{Ican't post a photo that way, I have to do it a bit differently and I have no idea why....???? but as a regular user i can help you too}

12-26-2011, 01:32 PM
OK here I am as a reg user.. first there is no envelope on your tool bar... it is the square to the right of the two blue link globes...

ok I just clicked on that selected my photo ,{new screen, your computer, find photos you want} clicked once on the photo I wanted and hit open in that screen. Screen closed itself and I now have a thumbnail on the posting screen.. now click on that thumbnail twice...another screen will come up and there you select the size you want displayed.. now you can add more text if you want or post your reply.... give that a try.. {hopefully you are NOT running a MAC, if you are........... I am not sure how to do it then:( }


12-26-2011, 02:34 PM
no mac but just moved from old system where we used XP so hopefully yet today I will wake up Michael and have him sit down with me and get a photo posted!



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Meant to post this to practice area...my daughter finally taught me how to upload pictures on here...more to come! Thanks Freddie!

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Hi Royce, well done

one more pic posting tip..

once you have the pic showing in your post preview box, double click on it - this will open another selection window, where you can select the size the picture appears in your final post, tick the "Full size" for the picture to show as a full size picture in your post instead of a thumbnail pic.

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Mod at your service :cool:

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