View Full Version : Bringing Small Animals

09-15-2011, 05:30 PM
Hi everyone,

So I have a kind of a crazy question. We will be moving to Bonaire next spring (April 2012), and we have an 8 year old rescue dog from the Caribbean, that will be coming. We've done big moves with him before (from St. Kitts, West Indies, to Canada, to the USA). I don't really have questions about bringing him down, as we've had a lot of experience moving with him.

My question is regarding moving down with a Guinea Pig (yes, I'm totally serious!! hahaha). I have 3 children who are very attached to their guinea pig, and since this is already such a huge move for them, it would be tough to leave our furry friend behind.
Does anyone know if it's possible to bring one down.....and if they sell them on the Island? I'm just asking about if they sell them because we would obviously need to buy him food/hay etc there.

Thanks for reading....and yes, we're crazy animal people (can't wait to visit the Bonaire shelter, and hopefully add one more furry friend to our family).

- AK