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05-05-2011, 05:08 PM
This is just to inform any one who is interested in renting and/or purchasing a home in Bonaire to think twice before using Keys Real Estate Company as your realtor.

We rented an apartment with them thinking that going through a realtor would be better than having a local landlord...we could NOT have been more WRONG!

From beginning to end this company failed in every aspect of being a landlord. We were shown a dirty apartment, told that internet and cable were included in the price only to find out that was a lie after we signed the contract, when we went with the realtor to put the water bill in our name they were carrying the incorrect water number so they had to drive all the way back to the apartment to check the number (2.5 hrs later) we finally got the correct number. They also told us that when we moved in there would be electricity and the cleaning lady would be cleaning up, however upon arrive (with all of our furniture, etc) we found no electricity, no water and a never cleaned apartment. When we called our realtor (it was a saturday) we were informed that she was sorry but it was Saturday and she does not work...she will help us first thing monday morning. So there we were with all of our stuff, no water or electricity and no where else to go.

After moving in it took many phone calls, arguments and begging to get cable (they would not give in to internet although it was promised when we agreed to move in). During living there our property was never cleaned up. As its an apartment building with more than one tenant it was not our job to clean up the property. This includes the front balcony, the parking lot, the mailbox area, etc.

To top it all off we gave a 2 MONTH notice of our move out and after that we never heard from the realtor..we had to contact her to ask if she was planning to come by to check the apartment upon our leaving. Then she made an appointment with us on a national holiday and never showed up and had the gall to act as if it was our mistake because we should have known it was a national holiday and she was going to change the appointment to the next business day. Funnily enough she showed up the next day without checking with us to see if we could be there! Then we we went to the shop to get our deposit back she told us that she didn't have the deposit, and had to contact the landlord to ask for it to be given back to her so she could give it to us....YOU MEAN IN THE LAST 2 MONTHS YOU DIDN't DO THIS!!

The very worst (even worse that all of the above) is that neither my boyfriend or I want to deal with our realtor and we fight over who has to call her because she is so unpleasant. She rolls her eyes at us, speaks only dutch to my boyfriend when I am there and I can only speak english, speaks to us like we are an inconvenience and are making problems for her by asking for basic requests a landlord should fulfill. The manager or owner (not sure which) is not much better, we've complained about our realtor to him and he doesn't seem to care very much as we haven't seen any changes in her and we were not offered another realtor to deal with although we asked for one.

Overall, it was a horrible experience and we will never deal with them or any other realtors on the island if possible. The experience was so bad that we cannot wait to be done with them and will be begging others not to use Keys Real Estate in the future. I plan to find as many places to post comments about this as possible.

So please, in the future do not use this company!!

05-06-2011, 11:10 AM
Wow, that's a real scorcher of a review! Sorry you experienced such dissatisfaction. I do know there are many good realtors on the island. I have not had any personal experience with this business but have had very good experiences dealing with Sunbelt. Hopefully things will work out better for you in the future.

05-09-2011, 02:38 PM
Hi Ally -- Vince is correct. I have worked with Bob Bartikowski & Rob Laurent at RE/MAX on Bonaire and they are very good ... IMHO as reliable as any realtor in the US. Sorry you had such a bad first experience, but don't give up. Bonaire is worth it. :)