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Thread: Getting all of the small furnishings

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    Default Getting all of the small furnishings

    Iím looking for the easiest/cheapest/nicest solution for getting all of the miscellaneous items to a new apartment in Bonaire. Iíve got furniture going to Amcar to send over in a container. I was hoping that I could online shop at ikea Miami to get everything else (mattresses, bedding, pots, pans, dishes, kitchen tools, etc. IKEA is just not working out. Has anyone else done this and what is best source or combination of sources? Wayfare has a lot but is too expensive for all the little kitchen stuff that is such a bargain at IKEA. Should I just get all the little stuff from my local Target and ship it to Amcar myself? What about Amazon or Target online?

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    On Bonaire, The Antiliean Wine shop has Ikea house wear items . I would check there. It is more expensive but with the cost of shipping it might be Ok for you.

    They are located in a U-store it garage place before you get to the warehouse on the north side of the road. About a block out of the round about. They also have excellent wines at a reasonable price.

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    why on line? and the cost of shipping and customs -- all of these items are available here in Bonaire.... support the local economy.....

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    We set up house here five years ago in November. We packed the little things we knew we could not buy here in our checked luggage including 3 new Kohler toilet seats and valve kits for the Kohler Toilets in the house

    My wife brought sets of her favorite cutlery, pots, pans and tableware packed in with towels and bedding in checked luggage. Of course this was done over a few visits and as we got to know Bonaire better we found sources for many of the things we lugged from home and started sourcing locally. Many European items were actually the same price retail on Bonaire as on Amazon.

    On Kaya Amsterdam Omni Electronics has reasonably priced Serta and off-brand mattresses and all types of appliances. Instyle next to Omni has very good quality but expensive European bedding which we bought for 2 of our 4 bedrooms - and lots of pretty things. There is another new furniture store next to Bottles on Kaya Industria called Lot1038 - again good quality, nice selection, but on the expensive side. Bonaire Coastal Living is on the same street across from Rocargo - more nice things. Bonaire Superstore on Kaya Amsterdam is a good source for all sorts of things from electronics to garbage cans and inexpensive odds and ends likely manufactured by children and political dissidents in China .

    Best of luck with your new place.

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