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Thread: Getting to Bonaire from Aruba

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    Default Getting to Bonaire from Aruba

    Hello BT'ers -
    I'm sure this has been asked in the past but looking for updated information on getting to Bonaire from Aruba. Our flight would be arrive in Aruba at around 1:30 PM and we would need a connecting flight over to "a diver's paradise." This would be in June 2022.

    Thanks so much for any helpful information.

    Neptune Nick

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    Hopefully by June 2022 this would not be how one would have to get to Bonaire from the US or Canada, but if you have to be in Aruba first, both EZ Air and Divi Divi should have their flight schedules up 4-6 months before departure. Baggage is limited on both. $130-$180 one way with a stop in Curacao. Every time I tried this route I had to hang out in the airport 3-4 hours at the outdoor cafe bar.

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