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Thread: Atlanta/ Delta issues

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    Default Atlanta/ Delta issues

    We just returned from a 2 week trip and wanted to relay some travel info. Anyone returning to the US via Atlanta should get Global Entry. It costs $100 for five years of which some cards like my AMEX reimburse. We returned this past week and the lines were insane. We have Global Entry and flew by the lines until we got to the passenger screening. While waiting in that line a woman behind us said it took her more than 1.5 hours to get to that point. There were alot of people talking about missed connections. This was on Wednesday so it will likely be worse on a Saturday. If you don't have Global Entry plan your connecting flights accordingly. Once you clear customs don't plan on many options for dining or drinking on a Wednesday. In the E terminal you could wait in a LONG line for McDonalds or you could get a drink at the free standing bar in the middle of the concourse. Everything else was shutdown. For those wondering about testing we used the CVS to get our PCR. We had a 2:30pm reservation to do the drive thru on Sunday and got our results at 5:30pm on Monday. The person checking docs prior to customs at BIA noted the time as Delta arrived just before 2pm that Wedensday, thus they take the 72hrs seriously. For our return flight we used BinaxNOW home test and it was accepted. We used the same testing for our trip in March via Curacao with the exception of having to get the antigen test in Curacao.
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    Good to know, as we are hopefully coming to Bonaire in October. Thanks for the intel.

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    Iíll second the recommendation for Global Entry! Weíve saved countless hours over the past several years since we enrolled. Iíll also second the intel on ATL customs. We breezed past several hundred people at passport control last month returning from Bonaire on a Saturday. Also, once you clear customs/passport control you then need to grab your bags, re-drop them if you have a connecting flight, then clear security again. At the post-customs security check there is no TSA PRE-check. This makes having Global Entry for customs clearance even more important.

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