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Thread: Andy Serberie rescued two adrift scuba divers

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    Default Andy Serberie rescued two adrift scuba divers

    Local fisherman Andy Serberie rescued two adrift scuba divers from the sea on Bonaire. This happened yesterday morning around 11 am at the height of Red Slave. The dive site there is known for its often strong offshore currents.

    Serberie saw the divers floating two kilometers from shore and brought them safely back on land. For the heroic act, both the police force and the tourist board thanked the fisherman.

    Serberie received a gold medal for his rescue.


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    Wow! Hats off to Andy. We have dived Red Slave many times over the years and normally you can scrub the dive on the way out. We have had times when we went down the sand canyon and the current was cooking so we stayed shallow at 40 ft or so, but the current can be strong at different depths and that is time to head for the shore.

    There is a lot of life on Red Slave and early in the morning with Rays and big turtles and such a shame that past storms have damaged the soft corals and sea fans. Always going North we haven't seen the reef going South, but some friends put in down by the light house and on a day without current going North it is nice. Can't get my gal to do that lol.

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