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Thread: New Video A Diver's Life: Diving Bonaire's Restricted Reserve

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    Default New Video A Diver's Life: Diving Bonaire's Restricted Reserve

    Pristine, critically endangered coral like few have ever seen! Come with us as we take you into Bonaire's restricted Willem Alexander Reserve. Largely untouched and unseen by humans for over 40 years, it is one of two restricted reserves on the island. Yet, STINAPA, Bonaire's National Marine Park association, has granted us 3 dives to film this international treasure. Imagine seeing pristine, critically endangered, elkhorn coral as well as areas where coral coverage is 90%. You will see how marine conservation has produced a, truly magical, coral garden rich in life, which we must continue to preserve for future generations. We will visit this amazing reserve in the day and at night. Yes at night! Nobody has filmed this place at night! To ensure we donít harm the coral by a night shore entry, we will make the night dive by entering from the sea with a drop from the boat in 140 feet of water, near dark, well away from the reef and swim in. How does this area compare to other places you have visited? How rich is the coral? What is the impact of lionfish on a restricted area? It is likely this is the first time any of you will ever experience this rare and beautiful part of Bonaire. If you would like to be notified when we release more videos please go to A Diver's Life to subscribe.

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    Wow, So beautiful. Thanks so much !!!

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