A mystery reef and deep wreck on Bonaire! Come to Bonaire and let us take you to this forgotten reef system south of Small Wall and the Black Durgon Inn and north from the Dive Friends Hamlet Oasis Cliff dive site entrance. Due to development, access to this site is extremely limited so divers overlook the site. Since the area is rarely dove, many parts of this reef system, such as Jenís reef, are spectacular! The area has a little known deep water wreck called Water Barge 101 - also called Cooperís Barge. We believe we are the first to film this area in 4k and we are almost certain to be the first people to dive and film this wreck at night, the base of which is 46 meters down. So, in watching this, you will be among the first to experience the amazing, haunting beauty of this wreck at night. The colors ignite on the screen with our new 15,000 lumen lights. What will we find under the wreck? There are other firsts for us in this episode. This is the first use of our newly acquired tec diving skills and equipment as well as the new lights. To film something at this depth you can't be a recreational diver. If you would like to be notified when we release more videos, please go here to subscribe: A Diver's Life.

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