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Thread: Status of road construction?

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    Default Status of road construction?

    Any status on when main road through town will open?
    It was closed to through traffic in February 2021 which looked like
    adding sewer/internet? Big project.

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    I believe the main thrust of the project is to return treated waste water to resorts, etc. for irrigation.

    The portion of Kaya Grandi through the center is complete as is the work on Abraham south of the center, by Carib Inn, Divi and the post office. The northern part of Kaya Grandi and Kaya Debrot is one way northbound all the way to the Hato circle by Trans World Radio. Southbound traffic has to divert up Kaya Amsterdam to Kaminda Djabou where the traffic circle project is still closed and will be redone completely later this year. The higher than usual rains this winter helped create an abundance of craters in the roads. Some, but not most, have been patched so only rented vehicles can drive fast!

    Does it ruin anyone's day? A bit annoying at times, but less so than the "rush hour" traffic in the city where I spent too many years.


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