Got in between lockdowns via Atlanta-Aruba-Curacao-Bonaire.
Didn't speak to husband for a day.
But...this was his trip to figure out and that he did. I was a follower, not a leader.
Stays: first week Cas Chagogo. Take caution diving here with wicked currents but lots to see. 2 large swaths
of garden eels.
House had everything we needed, even daily visits from flamingos. Resident sea turtles in the surf.
Week 2: Went lux, Bonaire Beach House on Kaya Rotterdam. Wow, lots of room for just 2, great kitchen, open spaces.
Loved the shore dive, really easy to Small Wall. Lots of current that week: 30 minutes to Small Wall, 7 minutes back. Nice
drift dive back. Did Salt Pier 3 times, resident moray every dive. The Cliff is best in the afternoon for the brilliant sun on the wall.
Go North at Cliff entry and fin to the big chain, hang and see what you can find.
Didn't eat out for dinner much but notables: Carpaccio's Truffle Pasta, Ocean Oasis happy hours with bar food, Bras Boer's Breakfasts.
PM for any other details.