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Thread: 3 Month Rental in Early 2022

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    Default 3 Month Rental in Early 2022

    Hi All!! My husband and I are planning to escape Canada's Snowy Winter next year and come back to Bonaire for a 3 (or possibly 6) month stay...

    We've been researching accommodations but are finding some hurdles...

    1) Most don't want a "monthly rental" as their Nightly/Weekly Rental rates can earn them more $$ - totally understandable...
    2) Tourist Tax of $5.50 Per Person Per Night adds $330 a month to a Rental Rate... not sure if there is a way around that tax
    3) Service Fees on Booking Sites like VRBO or AirBnb are astronomical...

    I'm wondering if any one has any tips or tricks for finding monthly rentals -

    Its just my husband and I (and our old cat who sleeps 22hrs a day and would only stay inside!)
    We only need 1 bedroom, pool would be nice and water views would be nice...

    Thank you!!

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    Please check your private messages, as I have sent you a lengthy one about Bonaire Exclusief.

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    Hi Debra - I just sent you a private message regarding a 3 month rental.

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    I was moving to Bonaire before the world got Covid'd, and can agree that it is very hard to find longer term rentals. I rented a house for 7 months but only spent 18 days there due to the airports shutting down while I was out of Bonaire.

    To answer one of your questions (I think) I did not pay a daily 'Tourist Tax'. I paid 6% ABB on top of the monthly rent, as I understand that is the 'Tourist Tax'.

    If you have any questions, PM me.

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