Anyone booking a trip during these Covid times needs to avoid AB Carrental. On January 15th Bonaire opened their airspace to the US. On January 21st I booked a flight on American and a truck with AB for our March 3rd arrival. On February 7th American called to say the flight was cancelled. I sent a message to AB saying I wanted to cancel my reservation due to American cancelling my flight. Their reply was they could keep the money as a deposit for a future rental or they could cancel with a $75 penalty. Even thought the reservation was only 17 days old and a month away they feel they deserve a $75 "processing fee". I have filed a dispute with CitiBank.

The reality is there are many good rental companies on Bonaire and all are struggling with a lack of business. There is absolutely no reason to use a company that takes advantage of their customers. In addition, with so many rental trucks sitting idle each week there is NO need to book with ANY of the companies in advance. Why go through the hassle if you don't need to? With American cancelling flights until at least April 3rd, and Delta until June, future travel to Bonaire is in doubt. Even if you disregard AB Carrental's larcenous policy and book with them, why would you give them an interest free loan for any length of time? By avoiding an early booking, the next time the airlines cancel their flights due to Bonaire restrictions, you won't be penalized. If every one avoids AB they might see that their customer service is costing them rentals and they revise their policy.

In a couple of years, when tourism gets back to normal, you will need to book for the high season in advance, but not now. In the mean time, use Bonaire Rent-a-car, Caribe, PB Car Rental or any of the other ethical companies. Avoid the theives at AB Carrental!