Hi There! I'm hoping some of you might be able to help shed some light on the concept of "Overwintering" on the beautiful island of Bonaire!?

My husband and I will be retiring from the grind at the end of this year (Dec 31 2021) and our dream is to start our Retirement journey on Bonaire.

I've seen some great info on how to apply for "Temporary Residency" - however, we are trying to avoid any type of "Residency" that would see us paying Bonaire Taxes.

The reason is that our Retirement Income from Canada will be in the form of "Canadian Eligible Dividend Income" which is taxed minimally in Canada -
Paying Bonaire taxes would see us paying a much higher tax bill on our Retirement Income.
That being said we don't intend to come to Bonaire permanently and not pay fairly into their tax system - we appreciate and understand if we were coming there permanently we should pay into their Tax System.

I've heard that "Overwintering" is an option for people coming to Bonaire for "Longer than the normal 90 day allowance" but less than a full year -

Does anyone have any insights into this option or any other options we don't know about??
BTW we've contacted Agnes as I've seen her highly recommended on this Forum - just waiting for her reply as well!

Many thanks in advance from Two Cold Canadians!