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Thread: New lockdown, visit in April

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    Default New lockdown, visit in April

    Hello all,

    First off, I hope this is the appropriate place to post this. Iím not exactly sure which other topic would be best for this! I was down in February and planning on coming back down the first week of April via CUR.

    With the new lockdown announced from 18 March, anyone have any thoughts if regulations will go further, or is level 6 the most extreme? I understand the grocery stores are still open, takeaway only from restaurants, a curfew after 9pm and no alcohol for sale at bars, restaurants. But hotel bars and restaurants will remain open for hotel guests. Is it still possible to buy beer at the store to bring back? And what about diving courses? I have my open water, but was hoping to do my advanced this next time down.

    Just curious if thereís any locals or people in the know on what could be the case come April. I have no issues having a few beers from the store and eating at hotel restaurant.

    Best regards and thanks for any thoughts!

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