The $25 internet and $33 electricity subsidies that were introduced in May were originally going to end in December of 2020. I believe I recall seeing something about these being extended until further notice, but I don't remember where. Does anyone know for certain if this has been extended? Better yet, a reference to a document?

For WEB bills, this is no problem as I request and receive an invoice each month.

But Telbo is a whole other story of extremely poor and frustrating customer service. They will not send an invoice to someone on a monthly plan by any means. You must just submit a payment and if you get it wrong they shut off the service without notice, warning or any communication. We found this out first hand after a $5 rate increase imposed once again, without any notice, warning or communication, when our service was stopped.

So far, through 3 emails and 3 telephone calls to Telbo, no one there has given a clear answer on whether the basic internet is still $53.95 per month with the reduction, or has it gone back to the regular cost of $78.95 for January 2021.

Anyone know?