I wanted to make people aware of a relatively new oYouTube channel called A Diver's Life. We started this in 2018 but we have never shared it on places outside the normal social media until now. The channel is designed to be informative. We cover Bonaire history, reef ID, research underway, and general information about moving to Bonaire. We also take you to places like Indonesia and provide detailed information about those places to go dive. Here are some examples: A Step Back in Time takes you on our discovery of a Bonaire 1850s Salt Ship Anchor and clues behind how it came to be there including the 1857 writings and painting made by a Dutch Navy Lieutenant. In our Our Search for Bonaire's Lost Coral
we tell you about Hurricane Lenny's impact on Bonaire and its coast line, what it was like in Bonaire before this storm, and our search for coral like what used to be in Bonaire in Indonesia. In Raja Ampat - A World Apart we take you on on a trip to Raja Ampat and explain the global effect of currents on the area to explain why the Coral Triangle is so rich in diversity it sets it apart from the rest of the world. In another episode we explain why Bonaire's southern coast rivals this area in its richness. Few people dive here here, largely due to the limited number of times you can dive the area.

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