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Thread: WHAT & HOW to post images here - EASIER DONE THAN SAID cheat sheet

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    Default WHAT & HOW to post images here - EASIER DONE THAN SAID cheat sheet


    in order to post the images from this cam it will be a little different that the bwc images. these instructions are for windows PC users

    1. go to and when you see something you want to capture, click on your screen capture button on your computer. mine is up on the top right hand side toward the middle of my computer it says Prnt Scrn, yours maybe in a different area..
    click on this to capture the screen print....

    2.then go to PAINT .. you can find that by going to the start button or windows flag in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. click on that go to all programs and then go to accessories , there you will find your paint application. probably right next to that calculator that you are always looking for the paint application, a blank screen should appear.. key Ctrl v to paste the whole screen capture in the paint screen...

    3a. go to images on the tool bar above the paint screen and click on crop.. now go to where you want to crop the capture and drag your cusor over it to expand the crop box.

    3b. when you have that the way you want then go back to image in the tool bar, and click on crop again.. you should end up with just the image that you intended to keep..{ if you don't have a crop tool under the IMAGE tab in the tool bar above the screen ie: FILE EDIT VIEW IMAGE COLORS HELP, you can use the magic eraser on the side tools to get rid of the unwanted part of the capture}

    4.go to FILE on the top tool bar above the capture and click on save as... make sure it is a jpeg format,, name and save this to your computer.

    5.Now start a new post in the breathe -it thread , click on Manage Attachments below the new post, and upload your capture. You will then see the attached file at the bottom, click on it, you should see your picture, right click on the photo and

    6 highlight the address URL, key Ctrl-c, click the Picture Icon, {mountain}, key Ctrl-v (which should paste your picture address into the address bar after you get rid of the initial http:// ), HIT SUBMIT REPLY and you should now see your capture in LARGE size in your post.

    this is the way that I do may have another way..
    so if you find the way that you feel more comfortable with please let us know and we will add it to this thread.
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