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Interesting thread. The government in Grand Cayman has made it clear, at least as I read it, that they will keep the island closed likely through the end of the year unless there is some medical scientific progress in understanding the immunity issue for those who have had it, testing and/or a vaccine. Will be interesting to see how they survive economically and otherwise if they keep the island closed that long. Bonaire is facing the same dilemma and choices will have to be made. So far I don't see that Bonaire's government has made the same decisions or has expressed the same policy preference as GC. Again, we shall see and it will be very interesting to see what unfolds.

As a homeowner on Bonaire and a very frequent visitor (9-10 visits a year) I’d be happy if we never see another cruise ship. Getting stuck behind a golf cart or surrounded at one of the beach bars by wrist banded day trippers is something I despise, however, I put up with it because many local business owners have become dependent on the cruise ship trade, I want everyone to be able to live well. I rent my home for a significant amount of money for the time in between my visits. Indirectly I employee a caretaker, pool service, gardener, security service, and various contractors. With my visitor income cut off, I will still maintain my house and pay my taxes from afar even if I can’t enjoy it. I trust that the local government will know when they can handle the return of tourism. Maybe they can require visitors to have proof of travel insurance to cover the cost of evacuating anyone who becomes ill?

As to Grand Cayman I think it’s dangerous to compare their lockdown to Bonaire. It is an internationally acclaimed banking hub far greater then Curaçao, rivaling some European banking centers. Private money rebuilt the Caymans after Ivan. I think they can “afford” a lockdown that may cripple Bonaire.

I have first world problems and am embarrassed sometimes. I hope that my friends, neighbors, acquaintances, bartenders, food servers, contractors and even the government employees at the various agencies that make me come back with one more piece of paper EVERY time I try to register or license anything are all healthy and safe in the paradise I miss so much. As to the Bonaire enthusiasts worldwide, I also hope you are all healthy, safe and surviving these crazy times.