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Thread: asbestos roof tile disposal concerns

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    Default asbestos roof tile disposal concerns

    My husband and I are considering purchasing a house that has asbestos roof tiles. We are wondering if anyone on the forum has ever dealt with this issue before. We imagine that this could become a costly problem, between removal and disposal costs, as well as the cost of the replacement roof. Is there a company on Bonaire that any of you can recommend for a project like this? Thank you in advance for your input.

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    I am wondering the same. And more important to me? Does the roof need to be removed?

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    I'm not in the business, but it's my understanding that solid products which include asbestos are not dangerous as long as they are not disturbed. Insulation, as around pipes, is fragile and easily disturbed, therefor dangerous just to have around. Siding and shingles do not release fibers unless broken, so they become a problem when you want to get rid of them. Asbestos used to be spun in textile mills, releasing fibers in processing and causing lung cancer. So I think you're OK if you leave the tiles alone, unless, of course, Bonaire thinks otherwise.

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