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    “Extra cheese, please,” Leslie (Double L) said.

    Francisco smiled and made a note on his order pad. “Sure, no problem.”

    Leslie looked at me and shrugged. “I’m on vacation.” She took a swig of her Bright.

    No explanation needed, I thought. I was on vacation, as well. And, yes, I liked extra cheese as much as anyone else living behind the Cheddar Curtain in the great state of Wisconsin. Cholesterol level be damned. At least for this trip.

    We both leaned on the bar at maybe our favorite eating establishment on Bonaire. Pasa Bon Pizza. New owners as of a year ago, but things are pretty much the same. Good pie, cold beer, and atmosphere to die for.

    We’ll eat there several times over our two week stay.

    Our day had started in Atlanta after flying out of Madison the night before. We checked in at Hartsfield International, stashed our carry-ons above our seats, and settled in as Delta Flight 380 roared over the Caribbean headed toward our favorite little island, our own little piece of paradise.

    Bonaire, our second home.

    Smooth flight and we arrived twenty minutes early. Doesn’t sound like much, but I’ll take every additional minute I can get.

    As usual, we’re staying at the Sanddollar establishment, unit C7. First time in this unit,; 28th stay at Sanddollar; 30th trip to Bonaire.
    Two dives on Bari reef today. One north; one south. Always good to be back in the water. The first dives are the time we reacquaint ourselves with gear. Even after 1000 dives, there are always cobwebs to shake loose. I’m diving a new Aga Full face mask, and Les’s Aga regulator had been rebuilt. I’d describe today’s dives as cautious, but everything worked well, so tomorrow we’ll be able to relax a bit and cut loose some.
    Water temperature is hovering about 78-79 degrees. Glad I switched to a full 3mm suite. Double L finally followed my lead and she seems glad she’s converted. She’d been doing a shorty with multiple layers and it wasn’t keeping her warm on extended dives and especially over a two-week period.

    “Trust me,” I had told her. “My wisdom will prevail.”

    She rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I’ll try and remember that.”

    Tonight, we watched a great sunset with our good friends, Tom and Kate, who own a condo on the island. They spend several months a year on Bonaire. Later, masquerading as dinner, we munched on some leftover pizza. Several empty Bright bottles decorated the table on the patio of unit C7. Leslie’s iPhone played our Caribbean music mix. We chatted about the day’s dives and our plans for tomorrow. We both sipped cold Brights.

    “I have a question,” Leslie said, once again wanting to tap into my untold wealth of wisdom.

    “Shoot,” I said.

    She looked at me. “Why is it the parrot fish always poop right in front of me?”

    I didn’t answer. My wisdom didn’t stretch to such matters.

    “Seriously,” Leslie said, waving her hands in front of her face, where her dive mask would sit. “It’s like they swim right in front of me and poop.”

    I breathed out, took a swig of beer. “I don’t know, hon. But think of it this way. We spent Valentine’s Day on Bonaire.” I paused a moment for effect. Then I raised my beer and Double L clinked my bottle with hers. “Those parrot fish can’t poop that away!” I said.

    “No, they can’t,” she said.

    We both returned to looking at the dark ocean, listening to the waves caress the shore, a Buffet tune playing in the background.

    Dive on Friends.

    Dave & Leslie.

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    Ahhhhh "Prost" Dave & Leslie

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