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Thread: mid-week flights

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    Default mid-week flights

    Booking my first trip to bonaire is 3 years (which is way to long between trips). Previously I always did a sat to sat (flew either united or delta) - once we did a midweek trip and had to go through CUR. Am I correct (from what I see) that AA flights M-W-F if I do a midweek flight? Due to work issues, I probably can't do the weekend to weekend - and we will have a little one with us - so trying to avoid an additional transfer in CUR.

    thanks all!

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    It depends a bit on when you are going, as there can be seasonal differences with all airlines. So always best to directly check with the big 3, that is United, Delta and American. American seems to be the best right now for mid week options. I always avoid the Aruba and Curacao connections, too much can go wrong. Good luck!
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    While AA is suspending their Mo, We, Fr flights for September, they return again in October. Some have reported fares as low as ~250 US$ r/t on the mid-week (We) flights.

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