Why do I usually feel like a tourist on Bonaire? We see the same flight crew out of Newark as often as we see familiar faces in Van Den Twill.
We visit and stay in Bonaire for 1-2 weeks at a time at our house almost monthly year round. The only Dutch I speak is ney ney and Heineken! Most of our Bonaire friends are local or Dutch.

I can see us retiring here eventually, but we are still too busy back in the states to consider making that change any time soon. Our house here is in Belnem. We live in NJ and VT back in the states.

Are there any other "frequent" US based home/condo owners visitors on this forum who might be interested in networking? We just left Bonaire last week and will be back mid August.

Anyone up for a "group" dinner at Eddy's August 15th, 20th or 22nd? If yes, reply here or PM me.