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Thread: Fresh Fish - Where to buy?

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    Default Fresh Fish - Where to buy?

    Fresh Fish - Where to buy?

    We will be on the island at the end of July. We would like to at least a couple of times by fresh fish to grill at our villa. I have seen reports m the forum of places to get fish but this information may not be current. Below I have pasted in the text I have seen previously - if someone can confirm these are still options or if they have other places they know of. thanks.

    Doei Diaz
    J.A Abraham Boulevard
    next to Richardís Restaurant
    Doei is the Dad to windsurf guru Elvis Martinus. Head over around 3 PM and ask for fresh fish. Itís usually sold in bags with steaks vs filets. The building is pink.

    Luis Wijman (also known as Junie)

    Kaya Gutu, Antriol

    Nilo and Luvia Josephia
    Kaminda Lac (the winding road to Sorobon)
    The second to last house on the right on the road to Lac Bay/Sorobon. If you come to the ballfield you went too far so go back. The house is brown and there is a sign ďaki ta bende piskaĒ. The blackboard and open gate indicate when they have fish.

    Turn left on the paved road, Kaya Karpitan, just south of Progresso Supermarket in Antriol. Turn right on the second road on your right, Kaya Purunchi. Then take the second left, Kaya Gutu, itís the second house on the left hand side of the road.

    We did a low pass by the third spot today, but being Sunday it was closed. It is now the third from last house as someone built one more, and as stated in mcgoslers last submission is now blue, not brown. The name is Zarpin. We will try it this week and report.

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    Doei Diaz passed away last April and Richard's restaurant is now Sebastian's.

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    La Cantina Cerveceria at Kaya Grandi 12 will sell fresh catch at market price by kilo. Wed-Sunday only. Call +599 717 3595

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    often you will see the fisherman cleaning their catch on the pier in front of It Rains Fishes, $10 per killo, bring a bag

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