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Thread: Music Shop?

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    Default Music Shop?

    Hi - one of my upcoming guests would like to rent a guitar while on the island. Anyone know of any place I can refer him to?

    Thanks in advance!

    -- Merrill

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    As far as I know there are no dedicated musical instrument stores on Bonaire. You maybe can ask at some of the local electronic shops, perhaps someone has a home based business? I would ask as Omni, Multi Mart, City Shop etc. They have live music at the Hangout Bar and Foodies, among other places, perhaps they might know who is in the music scene on the Island and could help. Too bad if I was on island I could lend one of my mine. Good Luck.
    S&E Tanton

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    Go see Harry (TAFKAH) perform at Eddys on Tuesday/Thursday nights or you can find him and Thamara at Cactus Blue Food Truck at Donkey Beach Mon-Fri 11-3pm.
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