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Thread: Jet skis on Bonaire

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    Default Jet skis on Bonaire

    We got buzzed by a jet ski last week at Bachelors Beach in white (not blue) water. In 3 months of diving here so far we have not even seen a jet ski. Talking to various dive shop folks, there was not a conclusive answer as to whether they are allowed here or not. Not only bad for divers but at Bachelors there are usually snorkelers and swimmers in the water. Does anyone know what the facts are about their legality?

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    they have 2 and are owned by a family on Bonaire with all the toys---and watching they fly by more than 60 mph is nothing! Normally I believe Friday-Sunday but was told by some of the younger people on island they know the family and don't mean to sound mean but they do not care who is in the water. We watch them flying around KB from our place in Crown Terrace and just amazing speeds----again just my 2-cents from what I have been told. Royce

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    I have personally spoken to STINAPA and sadly, they are allowed for private use (with few restrictions) but fortunately are not allowed for rental or business use. Itís sad that the family has little care or respect for when and where they are used...

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