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    Hello Talkers, I'm moving to Bonaire in 2020. Are the propane tanks for a barbeque grill in Bonaire compatable with a grill purchased in the U.S.? If not, can they be adapted?

    Thanks very much

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    Yes you can get the same tanks but they are not as readily available so always have a spare just in case. If you are handy I'm sure you will be able to adapt the connector to fit the more readily available tanks.

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    Playa Trading, just East of the Hato round-about carries a good selection of various adaptors. The 20Lbs bottles we typically use in the US and Canada, and are so easy to buy/fill can be a challenge to get on Bonaire. The Curoil Gas Station on Kaya Korona carries them, but their supply sometime runs out and you have to wait until ‘next week’,........or so. I do have a nice big Webber propane grill, but I tend to use my Big Green Egg more for grilling when I’m on Island. The supply of Lump Charcoal is not bad. Kooymans usually carries some, and there is a local dude who makes Bonaire Lump Charcoal for some of the restaurants. The Hangout Bar at Lac Bay will usually sell you a bag or two at a reasonable price. But as Pshelton mentioned try and keep a couple propane bottles around if you plan on grilling a lot . The 100 Lbs bottles seem easier to get but of course are harder to deal with.
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