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Thread: Fun Experience at Empire Cinema

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    Default Fun Experience at Empire Cinema

    We all know that most people come to Bonaire for the diving or snorkelling however there are other activities that you might want to consider especially when you have children in tow.

    I hosted my family including 4 nephews at the villa we rented (Piet Boon Villas are my favourite) and it so happened that Captain Marvel was being released a day earlier than the North American cinemas.

    We showed up, paid for tickets ($10 USD) and plopped the provided lawn chairs where we wished and had a fun time. It's like a drive in but no cars. Open air, stars above, fresh air, fresh popped and Thai food if you want (wha??!! Genius, I know!). I think most of the items on the menu need to be ordered in advance although they had a Thai burger that night. We had already eaten dinner so next time!

    The movie was in English with Dutch subs. Good picture quality considering its outdoors and good sound plus NO trailers or commercials. They have the latest Hollywood releases but don't expect the same selection as back home.

    We didn't know about Empire until a couple we met on Curacao mentioned it. Will definitely go back. Highly recommended!

    Tip: you can bring your own lawn chairs and on cooler nights bring a towel or blanket. Also there is no roof so if it rains...


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    Thanks for your report Patrick, I'll add the info to our "Other activities other than diving" section in FAQs
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