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Thread: Was It Really Him?…… Days 1 & 2

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    Default Was It Really Him?…… Days 1 & 2

    I was in seat 19A on Delta Airlines Flight 380 to Bonaire. It was one of the front-most isles of Delta’s Comfort Class section. It was right next to the main cabin door and allowed for exceptional legroom.

    Leslie (Double L) sat in seat 19C. Seat 19B was between us and, as of yet, unoccupied. Leslie preferred to fly with at least one seat between us. She claims I can be difficult to fly with.

    Granted, being an aviation nut and a commercially certificated pilot, during the flight I tend to talk about such things as the maximum feet the tips of the wing can bend before breaking, the menacing looking clouds approaching, and the effects of turbulence on the airframe. Aside from all of that, I have a tendency to nudge her in the arm a lot to talk and ask questions. She prefers headphones to disappear into her own world, listening to music or watching a movie.

    One seat between us seems to be the minimum.

    As we sat watching people grunt and strain to cram overstuffed bags into the luggage bins and then fall into their seats, I nudged Leslie in the arm and pointed to a guy who just came through the door.

    “Who does that guy remind you of?” I said.

    Leslie studied him for a moment then looked at me. “Not possible.”

    “Sure looks like it,” I said.

    The guy pointed at seat 19B and sat down. I introduced myself and Double L. When the guy spoke, and said his name was Billy, I was flabbergasted. It had to be him! The voice, the accent, the cadence. I was positive.

    “Anyone ever tell you you look and sound like Billy-Bob Thornton?” I asked him.

    He smiled and nodded.

    “Well, are you?”

    He smiled at me. Then looked at Les and smiled.

    And that’s the way it went. For the next three and a half hours he and I talked about Slingblade, Bad Santa, and Tombstone.

    When we arrived on Bonaire and made our way down the stairs, “Billy” let us do a selfie with him. I’m not good at selfie’s, as you can tell by the fact that I accidentally cut myself out of the photo. But even so, after looking at the picture, I’m not sure he actually looks much like Billy-Bob Thornton. He never told me he was. And wouldn’t Billy-Bob Thornton be able to spring for a first-class ticket instead of comfort class? Or maybe even charter a private plane?

    But he never said he wasn’t Billy-Bob Thornton, so I’m going with that. Kind of like a 15-minutes of fame for both of us.

    After getting our rental truck and settling into unit F22 at Sanddollar, we hit the grocery store, then had some brews with our friends Tom and Katie, who own a condo in the next building and spend three months a year on the island. Yeah, I know – tough life….

    We moved slow this morning, then had some equipment issues, but still managed to do a dive on Bari Reef. Les and I both have new OTS Guardian full face masks, and anytime new equipment is introduced, there’s a little “get to know it” time.

    We saw a tarpon, a crinoid, some large puffer fish, and a juvenile trump fish (looks like a small dice). A turtle dropped from the surface almost on top of us. He bee-lined for some coral and buried his head near the bottom, feasting on whatever it is turtles feast on. I don’t really know what turtle eat, other than jelly fish, and this wasn’t a jellyfish. Upon closer examination, the little dude didn’t have a rear right leg. Not sure whether this was a birth defect or the poor guy lost it in some type of life-and-death struggle. However, it didn’t seem to impact his swimming or his food foraging. Les dubbed him Nemo.

    All of my on-island sources for a week before we arrived, kept telling me the water was in the upper 60’s to low 70’s, very cold for Bonaire. Double L and I were panicking because we didn’t have exposure suits for those temperatures. Luckily, the water is 78-79 degrees, totally normal for this time of year and well within our wetsuit’s ability to warm us.

    Tom actually admitted to giving us fake news and laughed while he told us. Ruth, however, we still need to confront. I’m thinking they may have been in it together.

    Today’s sunset was cloudy, but as many of you know, any sunset on Bonaire is still worth watching. Especially when there’s a nearby blender full of my rum punch.

    Later, after dinner, we sat on the veranda listening to the waves beat against the shore, each of us with a beer. “You want some cheese and crackers,” Double L asked.

    I snapped my head her direction. “Dutch Gouda cheese?”

    She scrunched her eyebrows. “What else?”

    I nodded. “Absolutely. You want another beer?”


    Dive on Friends.

    Dave & Leslie.

    Billy-Bob Thornton.jpgRum Punch 1.jpgSunset -1.jpgSunset -2.jpg

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    As always I await the next installment about your well written adventure.
    AKA Grunt

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    Yayyy welcome back Dave & LL..... so looking forward to the next 3 weeks

    going to have goggle Billy-Bob though
    PRA & ET Inc
    Proof Readers Anonymous & Extreme Testers

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    He's back to let you know he can really shake em down. Always enjoy your delicate prose, my friend.
    Pachi Jim

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