Hi everyone,

When Ian and I moved to Bonaire, we were given a 5 year sedula (residence permit card) that we only have to renew in 5 years. Nationalities other than Dutch and American were given a one year sedula.

A friend from California recently moved here and was just given a sedula that expires this year, in November 2019. (She received it in late February of 2019.) We thought there was a mistake, since she is an American. She contacted the immigration office and was told that Americans will only receive a one year sedula now, like other nationalities. And, the date of the sedula is based on when she applied for residency (in November 2018) not when she received her sedula.

Years ago, Americans had to renew their sedula every year, then it changed to every 5 years. It appears it is every year now.

Just wanted to let folks know in case they are currently in the process.