Just to alert all homeowners in the Sabadeco Terrace area: last night around 2am, a dog (or possibly 2 dogs) attacked and killed at least one goat on our property. It was just awful to hear it. We were in a deep sleep and it took us a little time to get alert and realize what was happening. The poor goat was screaming out and the dog(s) were growling and snarling ferociously. This morning, we discovered the dead body in our yard. Although the dog(s) killed her, they did not eat her. We wonder if they also killed and possibly ate the two little kids that followed this mother around our property. Please be aware and use caution. I often walk our dog in the evening, but now am concerned about safety. Often, when dogs kill like this, they will do it again. Please be careful with young children and pets. Recently, I have seen two dogs wandering loose around the neighborhood—-a medium-size brown dog with distended teats and a large brindle. I don’t know if they were the guilty ones as it was dark and I could not see, but please be careful.