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Thread: International Health Insurance for US Citizens - Recommendations?

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    Default International Health Insurance for US Citizens - Recommendations?


    I am hoping to learn from anyone else's experience with international health insurance. We are coming to Bonaire for a period of several months (not necessarily a permanent move) and our USA insurance won't cover us on Bonaire. I've done a bit of searching but am pretty much in the dark about what kind of policies we should be considering.

    Thank you in advance for any recommendations!

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    I suggest getting travel insurance that covers medical emergencies when you travel. These things are normally covered, but be sure to check your policy for details.
    If you are a member of D.A.N., the DAN medical insurance should cover you for just about any medical emergency as well. Again, double check the policy as i am not an expert.
    I have a friend who used their DAN policy on Bonaire, and virtually everything was covered, including medevac.

    Good Luck!
    Bob Bartikoski
    Owner RE/MAX Paradise Homes

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    The DAN policy typically only covers dive related events, but it's usually things that wouldn't be covered by normal travel insurance. If you're diving it's often worth having this in addition to normal travel insurance.

    As far as your travel health insurance - lots of companies, at least here in Canada, have max amounts of time for which they'll cover you being out of country. You might need to contact a few insurance companies to get the coverage you need for that length of time. Figure out which companies sell travel medical and start making some calls.

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