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Thread: March 2019 Truck Rental

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    Cool March 2019 Truck Rental

    Good afternoon folks. We've been going to Bonaire for over 30 years and it astounds me when I see the price increases for rentals.
    I would like to know several things - 1. Your recommendations for good providers. 2. Is it mandatory to pay the insurance coverage?
    3. Who is the most convenient to access when we get off the plane.

    Thank you for you responses.
    Bill and Cathy

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    Poppy always comes strongly recommended, and her handler is usually there with your truck ready to go so it's pretty convenient. We've usually had good experiences with Poppy.

    We've also had really good experiences with Everts. They have a booth in the normal rental office across the parking lot and they definitely process us faster than any of the other rental companies. I loved dealing with them, so helpful and friendly. Truck was in great condition too. I think they'd be my recommendation.

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