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Thread: Similar diving to Bonaire?

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    Bonaire is unique.

    I have looked and when it comes to shore diving both from number of dive sites to entries to cost there is nothing that even comes close.

    And believe me I have looked and would gladly visit if I found one, but I keep going back to Bonaire because I'm Shore diver and the diving Freedom that Bonaire has offered really cannot be found any place else. I watched this thread with interest when it sprung up in case they were places that I did not know about but so far nothing touches Bonaire.

    I live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States in the region of Puget Sound and we have amazing Shore diving opportunities up here , but of course it's all cold water. And I love cold water and between Washington and Vancouver the diving opportunities are amazing but again all that is crammed into a little Twenty Mile Island called Bonaire can't be touched any place that I've found so far.

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    I’ve been diving on Curacao and Bonaire since 1977
    We have a rental Villa on Blue Bay Curacao and go there twice a year. Blue Bay has a some very nice reefs: The Wall and The garden.
    But there are many sites more where diving is very nice: Mushroom forest, snake bay, superior producer, double reef and dozens more.
    That being said: I rate diving on Bonaire a bit higher, but Curacao is a good second.
    The beaches on Curacao are better.

    Curacao is much bigger. People from all over the world have settled here. Population is 160.000 vs 20.000 Bonaire.
    Curacao has more historical sites. There is much more to do on Curacao. Bonaire is more laid back.

    Diving only, I would prefer Bonaire.
    If you want more than diving, I would choose Curacao.
    We often combine both islands in one trip.

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    Curacao is as close to Bonaire from a shore diving perspective. Have been to Curacao 4 x's over the past 3 years. Last year in Bonaire for the first time and going back this April. Both are unique islands and recommend both. Have been to Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia, St Martin, Anguilla, St Barts, St Thomas, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, Cuba and Cozumel. I would rank Bonaire and Curacao at the top of the list for a dive vacation. Note that my wife is a non-diver and she loves Bonaire and Curacao.

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