I'm looking for dive buddies for:

Dec 31: after orientation, still trying to sort out when and where. will edit this when known. but esp. would like someone to continue a morning shore dive after required "boyancy check" at Dive Inn or Hamlet (or another Dive Friends shop potentially)

Jan 01: (earlish) morning, possibly. (afternoon 2-tank boat planned)
Jan 02: all day / night
Jan 03-05*: afternoon / evening / night

*Jan 04 tighter because: 2-tank morning with East Coast Diving & then plan on Blennies BBQ / Rum Bash @ 5:30 pm

Be pleased to have company at the Blennies BBQ Friday Jan 04. I already booked a spot by email.

Be pleased to have other ScubaBoard peeps on the morning ECD dive boat on Jan 04. (5/10 spots available as of now).

Be pleased to have company for NYE, or just suggestions about what's going on.

FWIW, staying at Djambo and diving with Dive Friends (Dive Inn). I'm PADI OW+Adventure Deep Dive+ (will be) Nitrox certified. 150+ logged dives in many conditions & places. In other words, plenty experienced, limited payments to PADI. (Also posted this on ScubaBoard).