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    Default Rum Runners Questions

    I am coordinating a group trip of family and friends and am looking at accommodations in the Hamlet Oasis area. I was hoping to find a place within walking distance from the rental unit for our group to hangout at for at least a couple of evenings.

    I am interested in what everyone’s experience is with Rum Runners restaurant and bar at Captain Don’s

    Good food is essential to any place you are hanging out at but perhaps more importantly is the “feel” of the place.

    We will be traveling to Bonaire arriving the last part of July and staying for 8 nights. Our group will be mostly divers of mixed ages; probably 3 adolescents a couple of younger adults and some adults that could be described as “middle aged”.

    I would like to have place we can go to and feel welcome and have a conversation with others.

    I would specifically appreciate comments about the BBQ buffet on Monday nights. I have not seen a cost listed for it.

    We are also looking at rental units down in the Belnem area and are interested in “Windsock The Beach” and the restaurant and bar at Delfins.


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    My comments are all made on the basis of just a very small group of 2, the wife and myself.

    Windsock has a good Beach Bar atmosphere, we mainly do lunches there, but have had a couple of dinner meals. The food is very good as is the service. Be careful of the sea-side table right by the steps down to the water. If there are any swells running you can get splash ups that reach your plate, I was just starting a salad when I got an extra bit of ‘seawater’ dressing added.

    Now our Fav Beach Bar is the Hang-Out at Jibe City Lac Bay. It can get very crowded at lunch time so a bigger group could be an issue.

    Delfins is a ‘higher end’ establishment, on a very nice beach, but is a modern stlye place, not any old school Caribbean vibe. We have done their restaurant a few times this past year for both lunches and dinner, food was always very good, but the lunch service can be a bit slower than the dinner service. Still it is on our top few list on the Island. This last spring we were turned away at the gate to Delfins on a Sunday, as that was private guests only day. I am not sure if they still do that. Can’t comment on the bar, other than it looks very nice as we only have walked by it. Side by side seating might be a problem for a bigger group.

    I think Rum Runners would be a good place for a group, they have a pretty big deck and I have seen a few groups around the bar and restaurant areas The service is generally good, but it depends a bit on what waiter/waitress you end up with. Good Pizzas, other menu items are also good. Sorry, never tried the Monday BBQ. It been there a while, not the funky Caribbean beach bar vibe, but it does have some old school vibe to it.

    Hopefully, others will chime in who have had some recent bigger group experiences at the local bars/eateries.

    Hope you have a great trip, I am back in Canada now for Christmas, but will be back down in early Jan for 2+ months.

    S&E Tanton

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    The Beach (at Windsock) is our regular go-to place living close. As Canuck52 mentioned, do be careful with seaside tables as some evenings the surf can add flavor to your meal or cool you off just a bit. Food is excellent and the staff very friendly, even our four-legged friend enjoys his visits.

    Rumrunners is superb .... adults, should be sure to have their signature cocktail made with local Rom Rincon rum. It’s a beautiful setting, menu, and staff is wonderful.

    for lunch, in the Belnem area, try something different if any of you enjoy pulled pork bbq. Sold from a private residence (take away/cash only) are the best Carolina pulled pork sandwiches in the Caribbean, just east of Bachelors Beach on eps, the road to Sorobon/Donkey Sancuary - tues-fri 11:30 until done - JBs Bar B Que

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    Rum Runners only serves pizza & salads between lunch and dinner. (2-5) but is nice. Good pizza.

    Windsock also serves breakfast and very nice dinners.

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    Hi Chris.. We have been going to Pasa Bon for years now and the food is really good too. Merry Christmas.

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    When staying at Capt Dons we'd usually end up at Buddy Dives happy hour so we've stayed there our last 3 trips.
    We also like crossing the street and a couple blocks north to Zhung Kong bar/restaurant for evening meals, good ac, coldest beer in caribbean and a pool table all next to their grocery store.

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