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    Default Delfins Questions

    I am interested in what everyone’s experience is with the restaurants and bars at Delfins.

    I am coordinating a group trip of family and friends and am looking at accommodations in the Belnem/Punt Vierkant area. I was hoping to find a place within walking distance from the rental unit for our group to hangout at for at least a couple of evenings.

    Good food is essential to any place you are hanging out at but perhaps more importantly is the “feel” of the place.

    We will be traveling to Bonaire arriving the last part of July and staying for 8 nights. Our group will be mostly divers of mixed ages; probably 3 adolescents a couple of younger adults and some adults that could be described as “middle aged”.

    I would like to have place we can go to and feel welcome and have a conversation with others.

    I am also interested in hearing about the restaurant and bar at “Windsock The Beach”. We are also looking at the Hamlet Oasis area units and would welcome comments about Captain Don’s restaurant/bar.


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    Good Day Russ-
    We didn't stay at Delfins but did tour the new facility. It's a very nice property.

    We ate at their special pier table called Table 14. It was excellent. It's a series of small plates only served at that pier. If you're not a "foodie" I would advise against it. Only for special occasions.

    If you are a foodie, definitely try it.

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    I own a house in Belnem and visit Bonaire 10-12 times a year all year long. I was there 2x in November and will be back in Jan, Feb & March 2019. I am NOT a huge fan of Delfins Brass Boar. I AM a huge fan of Windsock Beach. Most places on the south end are now predominantly Dutch, so conversations with others is always a challenge. Delfins is a bit "full of itself." Windsock is more casual and more reasonably priced.

    Hang Out Bar at Jibe City is a lot of fun, food is good, try and avoid when a cruise ship is in port.

    Foodies is not bad, near Hang Out Bar, mostly Dutch but very friendly.

    Eddies Bar on the north end is very "American," as is Rum Runners, but both are casual and fun. Check opening hours for all before making the trip.

    Bonaire is awesome, people are friendly, you will have a nice time.

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    We're just back from last week. We rented 14 Punt Vierkant, decent house with a great outdoor area and diving in front "yard", also walking distance to Delfins (true of all properties on that road). We had a hard time getting reservations at Brass Boar/Delfins but did visit the bar a few times and had a decent experience, the food for the bar and restaurant come from the same kitchen. Drinks were on the weak side, I prefer my boozy, akin to craft cocktail bars which this would never pass for. I found the food very solid but also gimmicky, do you really need a yard of Ceviche or a burger that is more vertical than horizontal? Thankfully the odd presentation didn't detract from the meal but also added nothing. Delfins has a great location, views vibe and solid food.

    With regards to Windsock...we had the worst service there of all the places we visited, can't even remember the food or drinks since the service is the only thing I recall.

    We had a much better experience at Bonarian which is just down the road. Good food, great service and similar views.

    Something to stayed all over Boanaire and prefer the views from the Belnam area if you are on the water front, you can see the hills and lights of Santa Barbra versus looking back on the "flats" from the area Hamlet Oasis occupies.

    If you're a foodie and want a truly unique experience and rented a nice house you may want to get a private chef to come in and make a meal of two. We contracted a special dinner with Norca who came out and created a phenomenal meal and some of the best food I've had on the island. If you're interested her email is

    If you want some great food in a causal setting to mix things up with other visitors check out Kite City, it's a food truck with great fish forward dishes on a nice beach near the airport.

    Have a great trip!

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    Hi Russ,

    We discovered Bonaire 2 years ago and have been back 3 times. Each trip we rented out one of the Piet Boon Villas in Punt Vierkant. Large, beautifully designed and furnished villas with a few on the water side (which are more pricey but with direct access into the sea). 4th trip coming in about a week and staying there again. They are an easy walk to Delfins as they are literally across the street.

    We had a very memorable dinner at Brass Boer (4 adults and 2 under 10 children) and they even accommodated our Yorkshire Terrier! Service was friendly and required a bit of waiting but not as bad as some places. There's island time then there's "Bonaire island time" LOL The food was quite good with focus on presentation and plating. We dined outside enjoying the fresh sea breeze, sound of surf with the Moroccan lamps overhead creating atmospheric lighting. What a way to end the day!

    Have a great trip!


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