I am interested in what everyone’s experience is with “Windsock The Beach”.

I am coordinating a group trip of family and friends and am looking at accommodations in the Belnem area. I was hoping to find a place within walking distance from the rental unit for our group to hangout at for at least a couple of evenings.

Good food is essential to any place you are hanging out at but perhaps more importantly is the “feel” of the place.

We will be traveling to Bonaire arriving the last part of July and staying for 8 nights. Our group will be mostly divers of mixed ages; probably 3 adolescents a couple of younger adults and some adults that could be described as “middle aged”.

I would like to have place we can go to and feel welcome and have a conversation with others.

I am also interested in hearing about the restaurant and bar at Delfins. We are also looking at the Hamlet Oasis area units and would welcome comments about Captain Don’s restaurant/bar.