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    Hi, all.

    I've visited Bonaire a number of times and this trip (early January) I want to try something new: a circumnavigation swim of Klein. Some light Googling shows that there used to be an annual organized race around Klein, but that it ended in the mid-2000's when the operator moved to Bermuda.

    My questions: is there anyone on the island who does/has/would be willing to facilitate this type of swim? I'd be looking for someone with a boat who can guide me (literal navigation--though it's in a circle, so it should be easy), hand over food/drink to me in the water, and be able to haul me out of the water and take me back to land in the event that something goes wrong. Local knowledge of which day in our day range, and what time of day would be most favorable with tides would also be extremely helpful.

    (If I can't find anyone, my backup is to rent a sloep from Blue Bay and have my husband navigate for me).

    Any recommendations?

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    From a 2006 posting on the old Bonaire Talk:

    By Bud Gillan (Experienced BonaireTalker - Post #196) on Friday, January 27, 2006 - 3:52 pm:
    Kent and Other Waterloggers.

    I have done several long open water swims off Bonaire. To attempt these fin-less swims one should be in reasonable swim shape. I trained around 2 miles a day.

    1. Swim Around Klein Bonaire.
    The distance is ~8 miles in dropoff circumference. I started on the east coast (opposite Kralendijk) early in the morning and swam clockwise. It took 4 hours 58 minutes to complete. Wind and current can and do change often. Strongly recommend a coach or support person to go with you. Of course you don't have to do the whole circumnavigation at once. It is a wonderful, mindnumbing view of sea and reef.

    2. Bud Light Swims.
    This swim was designed to determine how far I could swim in a day (during daylight...sunrise to sunset). My name is Bud and this at Light (aka Bud Light). They started at the southern tip of Bonaire at the Red Slave Huts and went north until the body and mind gave in. The longest Bud Light went from Red Slave to 1000 Steps (~16.5 miles) in 11+hours. Of course liquid and sunscreen are necessary. I've done several of these BL swims and each one was a unique experience with currents, sunburn, jellies, boats, friendly barjacks, a myriad of creatures, topology, dreams, world class coral reefs, and water beyond compare.

    I have notes in my waterlog if anyone really wants to be bored. But there are lots of great opportunities to swim and see off Bonaire. This should 'wet your whistle' so to speak.

    Happy (H20)trails.
    And, from another site ;

    Swim around Klein Bonaire

    Sunday, 7 October, 2018 - 06:00

    Wijnand de Wolf and Anita Smits have planned the very first organized swim around Klein Bonaire (12km) as a cause for helping improving the public natural swimming pool of the island. Join them from Eden Beach on October 7th from 6am (Bonaire time)! Live broadcast via Facebook will be available then for those who can't come but what to witness this amazing attempt.
    Keep up to date and follow the event HERE

    Mel Briscoe, Alexandria, Virginia

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    Thank you! I'd seen the former but not the latter!

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