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Thread: Bioluminescence inquiry

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    while I am asking questions, I recall something about the moon, tides and jelly fish timing also but have forgotten it...nothing new my wife would say! When we are on Bonaire sometimes we will run into some smaller jellies about the size of the thumb with a few black dots and normally only notice them when they are right in front of me! Any info on when timing of jellyfish on Bonaire would be appreciated as just like to know before we arrive. Not that I am counting but only 56 days until we arrive and this time we staying 59 days so countdown has started! Looking to see if we can someplace for 2-months as looking to rent a place in 2020 for 3-months as cheaper overall than Phoenix as golfing is just nuts priced per day! Cornhusker

    The 9th and tenth day after the full moon as iam told is the time the jellies are the worse.

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    One generally can encounter more jellies in the months of March and April, and, perhaps, early May. These are the ones that give a small sting, and mostly go away within 15 minutes.

    The ones with the black dots are harmless and do not sting.

    The ones referenced here that occur in timing with the full moon are the box jellies, they pack a wallop, so if diving (mostly at night, dusk, or dawn) be sure you wear a suit of some type. The box jellies are not normally encountered during the day.

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