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    I'd like to know what documentation I'd need to bring with me which would enable me to dive wearing gloves? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. (I have had 3 bouts of anaphylaxsis from insect stings (wasps) that resulted in hospitalisation every time)

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    This copy and paste is from the SINAPTA web page

    6. Gloves: the use of gloves is prohibited in the BNMP. Divers who must wear gloves due to medical conditions will need to bring a doctor’s declaration, not older than 30 days, to the headquarters of the Bonaire National Marine Park at Barcadera to get a permit allowing them to use gloves.

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    we have done this for my wife each year and new permits are now good for 5-years. The office is located up at the turn by Oil Slick and drive way is somewhat marked. Office staff has been nice to work with and keep the letter in the glove box of your dive truck in case you happen to meet park staff when diving. Also dive shop staff will remind you of no gloves when suiting up but just let them know you have a permit...they are just trying to be helpful so just let them know you have a permit. cornhusker

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