If this is a double post, forgive me.
I tried once, thought I did everything right, but...I was wrong.
We come most every year for a couple weeks in September.
On island now. Leaving next weekend.
Trip has been, as always, GREAT!!!!
Unfortunately, we've been sidetracked a bit, because Hurricane Florence has left 2-1/2 FEET of water on our area.
The folks here are from eastern NC...right on the coast.
Each of us experienced some damage, apparently nothing catastrophic as many of our neighbors in eastern NC suffered. For that, we are grateful.
Most of the area has been without electrical service since last Friday. Gradually coming back.
Meanwhile...we continue to enjoy our dive trip. 19 dives as of this morning, and still going strong.
I left an Onslow Rocks rock on the hull of a wreck. It has a fish head painted on it. If you managed to find it, the lady who originated that rock, in Jacksonville NC (Onslow County), only asks that you leave it in one of your favorite locations.
I did and someone has found it...after three days.
2704 Onslow Rocks small.jpg