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Thread: Where to buy new hardwood exterior doors locally

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    Default Where to buy new hardwood exterior doors locally

    We are looking for new hardwood exterior doors for a vacation home. Any suggestions where to look? Thanks!

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    Buy the doors in the states and ship to Miami and to Bonaire via Rocargo - otherwise, order a fiberglass door at Kooyman. Most manufactured hardwood doors are veneers over a mixed core. Some jungle woods do well in the Bonaire environment. If you want a handmade hardwood door, find the carpenter and ship him the wood. Dutch Caribbean Builders can make you a door, but they will still need the raw materials.

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    Not sure if this will help, but Chris, co-owner of Treasure by the Sea, made beautiful-looking and very secure doors for the gear storage areas of his resort using locally available mahogany-type wood. He offered to make a similar type of door for a gear storage area an island friend was installing. Might be worthwhile to talk with him to see if he can do something like that for you. for your exterior door.

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