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Thread: help with a neighbors dog !

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    Default help with a neighbors dog !

    I have a neighbor who is renting an apartment behind me. We have a wall around our garden and have spent a lot of money adding rock and trees to the garden. well over $10,000. The neighbors dog jumps over and into our garden to escape heirs then over again to get out into the streets. I spoke with the couple 3 times and their only solution was to put large trees they picked up somewhere and place them on top of my wall. Not only was this very unsightly but it did not work and the dog knocked them into my garden- on top of newly planted trees. I explained to them this was not an option and offered to help with another solution. They still refuse to do anything so I spoke with the company that rents the apartment but to no avail they still will not control their dog. this is not a one or two time thing. the dog gets over every night and I can tell by muddy prints on the wall not to mention scratching the paint off., OH yeah I paid to have the wall painted as well. I am not ready to spend a lot of money changing my wall to control their dog. I do NOT want to hurt the dog either as it is not the dog's fault. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks in advance !

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    How about some form of Dog Repellent on the top of the Wall, a quick search came up with these top 3 Natural Repellents. Click Here for Website..

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    I have seen people put cacti horizontal along their walls to keep animals out. I don't know if that would help or cause more problems.
    Dave B

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