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    Hello BT'ers-
    Was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to tour the property of the new Delfins Resort? Looks nice. Just curious.

    Neptune Nick

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    went to it last year for a visit and was very sleek but not our style as community pool and people everywhere. Dive shop nice but forget diving or swimming from the facility as we went diving and just terrible as shallow with lots of current and wakes. If one wants to have a sleek place to stay it will likely fit your style but we prefer house in the hills with a pool and view and not 100 of our non friends being around us as just not what we feel is a vacation away from others.

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    The wife and I have walked through the place and had a dinner at the Restaurant last week. The Hotel itself is indeed very modern and clean, and it depends on what you are after for a stay. If you are a private sort then a private villa in the hills, or on the sea is most likely your best bet. We go both ways, sometimes a private lot/pool is good and other times the daily service offered at a Hotel/Resort is in order. It is far enough off the road so my guess is noise would not be an issue. We had a private rented Villa on EEG last year (#70 IIRC) and the road noise was not nice. We now own sea-side in Sabadeco Court so road noise is also not a concern anymore. The meal we had at Delfins was very nice, a limited and somewhat funky menu but the actual food was very good and the service was also good. No real idea on the rooms/suites, but we did sit beside a couple who said they liked the suite they had.
    S&E Tanton

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