Our 21st trip (2018) to Bonaire was from the end of April to the first week in May. We received our Gold "Bonaire Ambassadors" medals and certificate in a small ceremony. Nice.

The trip down from Colorado was OK. The luggage was slow in arriving on the carousel in Bonaire (WAY slower than usual). Maybe they had equipment trouble. Or, because there were a few wounded Vets on the plane, their transfer to the ground and their wheelchairs might have taken extra time by the ground crew.

We stayed at the Sand Dollar again. A-11 - a studio/buffet apartment. We have stayed in that apartment before and, except being "close" to the air tank compressor, it is nice.

We ate breakfasts at Breeze'n Bites, Captain Don's. Between 2 Buns and Divi. All were nice as usual, but Captain Don's did not seem as "ample" as in years past.

We ate a couple of dinners out - Joe's Restaurant (excellent food and staff and generous drinks), Eddy's (packed, we were lucky to get a table), Breeze'n Bites. The rest of the meals were ate 'in'.

Marvin dove once with Carlos Coste (the 12-time world record freediver). Other than that -- we just dove and swam on the Bari Reef at the Sand Dollar. Saw most of the 'usual' fish. We dealt with Peter at Dive Friends at Sand Dollar and had great and friendly service from him.

The trip back was OK. We just had 1 1/2 hours in Houston and we barely made it to the flight to Denver. The luggage delivery at Houston was a fairly slow which did not help.

Bea and Marvin Jones