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Thread: nuisance caused by large quantities of seaweed (so-called sargassum)

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    Default nuisance caused by large quantities of seaweed (so-called sargassum)

    Kralendijk - Bonaire is in control of the nuisance caused by large quantities of seaweed (so-called sargassum).

    Over the past few days, dozens of volunteers, together with the Stinapa nature conservation organisation and the government, have carried out many thousands of kilos of seaweed. Sargassum is completely harmless but can rot if it is washed up when it is not cleaned up. The washing up of seaweed - from the Sargasso Sea near Bermuda - is a recurring natural phenomenon. Only this week there were exceptionally large quantities reaching some parts of the coast of Bonaire.

    Tourists staying on the island will hardly notice anything of it. Almost all hotels are located on the south coast. The sargassum only occurs on the rough north side but could be a threat if it is not cleared up. Commander Edison Rijn is very pleased with the commitment of volunteers - including tourists - Stinapa and the public services:

    Thanks to the rapid response and help that came from all sides, a large part of the seaweed has now been cleared up before it could really cause a nuisance. The cleaning up work will continue for a while, but we are also focusing on preventing more sargassum from being washed up. We have therefore asked the navy for assistance to locate the wheel fields that possibly drive towards Bonaire in time," says Rijna, who emphasises that this is a natural and completely harmless phenomenon.

    The tourist beaches are just as clean as ever and you can swim, snorkel and dive in the sea.

    The cleaning campaign will continue this weekend. A great deal of help is still needed. Tomorrow at 8.30. The cleaning action starts at Kontiki Beach. Everyone is welcome to come and help.


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    Exclamation and nearly a Year to the day it's back again......

    only about a third of what was there last year, but who knows what is still on the way ?
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