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Thread: Trouble calling Bonaire from Canada

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    Default Trouble calling Bonaire from Canada

    I am trying to call a place in Bonaire to arrange to pay for my vacation rental, but I can't get through. I am calling from Canada and I think the problem may be with my phone company Bell-MTS. They say it isn't their problem. Every time I call, I get connected to a different place, usually where no one speaks english or french, so I just hang up. As a test, I tried to call Buddy Dive, which I know is a valid number and I can't through there either. Has anyone else had this problem before?

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    no experience like you described.
    Could you try a skype to phone call. Maybe that will solve your problem

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    From Bonaire Reporter, Jan 29

    Callers from the US are still unable to call Bonaire landlines (717 and 715 ex-changes).

    Telbo says it is not its problem causing the situation.

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    This has been an ongoing problem since middle of October. Unfortunately skyping to an actual telephone number won't work. A call between skype users should and you also might want to try the number using whatsapp and see if the destination a cell phone with that app installed. Failing that you may have to email them and ask them to call you.
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